Clinical Nutrition

A cornerstone of Naturopathic practice is using food as medicine. Food provides the basic building blocks needed for repair, regeneration, energy and growth in every cell of your body, laying down the foundations of great health.
Without optimum nutrition the body will not grow and flourish to its full potential.

Food is information that the body uses to regulate complex actions that keep us alive and well. Not only is putting the right food or ‘information’ into our bodies essential, but how we then process this information is just as crucial. Appropriate digestion and assimilation of nutrients is fundamental to ensuring our bodies get what it needs from the food we consume. Therefore the key to ensuring optimal nutritional status, is correcting any underlying digestive dysfunction so you can effectively digest, absorb, integrate and eliminate appropriately.

At Bodhi Wellness our aim is to equip you with tools and strategies through Diet and Lifestyle coaching to help you maintain optimal health and prevention of disease.
Occasionally, where the diet does not provide enough nutrition, lifestyle factors deplete nutrients or specific health conditions call for an increased demand of nutrients, supplementation is needed.
Ultimately, many medical conditions can be treated or effectively managed with correct food and diet as well as nutritional supplements with far fewer complications and side effects than conventional medicine.

Eating for Wellness

At Bodhi Wellness, we agree there isn’t one way of eating that suits everyone. As the saying goes, ‘one person’s food is another person’s poison!’ therefore quick fixes and fad diets are unsuccessful long term. We all have unique needs therefore a holistic and individualised approach to food and diet is essential. Our food and nutrition philosophy is based on the concept of real, wholefoods. Eating according to a wholefoods diet involves consuming foods that have had minimal processing and refining. The closer a food is to its natural state, the more nutrient dense we can expect it to be. Therefore the healthier it is.
Unfortunately, many people believe they can continue to eat poorly and substitute what they’re missing with supplements, however not even the best of supplements will rectify a poor diet. Your Naturopathic practitioner can guide and educate you as to how the get the most out of your food for a healthy, balanced and vibrant life.

“The most important idea is to eat foods as close to nature as possible. A diet full of fresh, organic, unprocessed, wholefoods is key”